Welcome to the Greenery...


This is the website for David & Sharon Green and Michael Siemon, jointly the household we call the “Greenery West”. There’s information on English Country Dancing, including the Harwood Avenue Callers’ Library and Sharon’s calling schedule. There are albums of our dance photos and our various travel photos as well.

Our 2016 Holiday Letter is now posted here.

10/27/2015: The Dance Links menu has been fixed, and now provides links to various ECD resources.

Sharon's most recent dances, Scotch Capers, Birthday at Brasstown (tune by Jonathan Jensen) and Child's Christmas in Berkeley (tune by Rebecca King) are now up on her Dance Pages link.

Click on Sharon’s business card above to explore the ECD side of things, click on Paul Bestock’s photo of us for our dance photos (both David’s and Michael’s), and on the Lions of Delos for some of our travel photos. Or use the menu links at the top of this page and the other pages on the site.