Dancing with Sharon

Choreography:  © Colin Hume, 1995
Published in Dances with a Difference, 1996
Tune:Dancing With Sharon, © Colin Hume, 1995
Formation:Duple Minor Longways, Double Progression

A11-8Side-by-side R with partner, cast L-shoulder to place. R-hand star.
 9-161st corners (1st man, 2nd woman) fall back a double on the diagonal; come forward. Cross R-shoulder and face; fall back and honor.
A11-8All side-by-side L with partner (up and down this time); cast R-shoulder. L-hand star.
 9-162nd corners fall back and come forward. Cross R and face; fall back and honor.
 9-16Ones down through new twos: symmetrical gypsy with neighbor (opposite sex). Ones 2-hand turn.
B21-8Twos lead up through new ones; cast back. ½ figure eight down through original ones.
 9-16Twos set; cast up (ones lead down). Twos 2-hand turn.

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