Click on a dance name for a page with the choreography, and links to downloadable instructions, sheet music and (in some cases) sound files.

For dances with commercially available CDs such as Dances from the Greenery, clicking on the CD name may link to a website where the CD can be purchased.

Dances by Colin Hume

Dance Name Tune
Dancing with SharonDancing With Sharon, Colin Hume, 1995
The Mistress of the GreeneryThe Mistress of the Greenery, Dave Marcus, 2022
The Mistress of the Greenery
    (workshop version)
The Mistress of the Greenery, Dave Marcus, 2022

Dances by Philippe Callens

Dance Name Tune
Golden GreenGolden Green, Jonathan Jensen, 2011
Westward BoundWaiting for Fish, Susie Secco, 1996 (Waltz time)

Dances by Sharon Green

Dance Name Tune
AtlantaWaltz for Seth, Dave Marcus, 2021
Berry CastleBerry Castle, Steve Hunt, 2009
Birthday at BrasstownBirthday at Brasstown, Jonathan Jensen, 2015
Boxing DayGood King Wenceslas
ChangelingChangeling, Dave Marcus, 2020
A Child's Christmas in BerkeleyA Child's Christmas in Berkeley, Rebecca King, 2014
A Clap of ThunderContre Danze 178, by Johanne de Gruytters, 1746
Doctor Bending's SerpentThe Serpent with Corners, Thomas Bending, 1999
The Engaging EngineerG minor Jig, Martha Stokely, 2012
Familiar Quotations
    or Bartlett House Revisited
Lillehammer Waltz, Jonathan Jensen, 1996
FlippancyOver the Water to Charlie (traditional)
Gemini JigG Minor Jig, Martha Stokely, 2012
Gene's TambourineKettledrum, publ. Playford, 1651
The Greeter"Over the Water to Charlie"
The Happy Dance
    or a Chase for Martha
The Happy Dance, by Jonathan Jensen 2014
Jonathan and Lynn's WaltzLynn’s Waltz by Jonathan Jensen
JuniataDrifting on the Dreamy Juniata, Jonathan Jensen, 2011
Just A Minor SlipA Minor Slip Jig by Martha Stokely (2006)
Karen's CapriceSilly Jig, Jonathan Jensen
Kennith's CatKennith's Cat by Rebecca King (2021)
The Liberated LibrarianIt's a Bluesy Waltz, Jonathan Jensen, 1995
The Lissome LassPaulina, Patti Cobb 2016
Little Sir IsaacLittle Sir Isaac, Debbie Jackson, 2012
Marching ForthY'all March by Dave Marcus (2017) and March 4th by Dave Marcus (2018)
Merrily on HighBranle l'Official, publ. Arbeau, 1588
Michael's Memorial
    or All Saints' Eve
Michael's Memorial by Jonathan Jensen (2017)
The Millers' DaughterCalifornia Cakewalk by Jonathan Jensen (2019)
Newfound HomeNewfound Lake Waltz, Cynthia Shaw
PatiencePatience, Dave Brown
The Pirates of the GreeneryThe Pirates of the Greenery by Dave Marcus
The Quizzical SnobQuizzical Snob, Martha Stokely, 2006
Rose in BloomFull Bloom, Steve Maranto, 2009
Scholarly PursuitsLa Bergamasca from Zanetti's Il Scolaro, 1645
Scotch CapersHommage à Edmond Parizeau by Marcel Messervier
Senior MomentsSenior Moments, Debbie Jackson, 1998
The Sixteenth of JanuaryIce on the Lake, Patti Cobb, 2013
Star in the WestStar of David, Ruth Anne Fraley ©1997
Take the F TrainTake the F Train, Dave Bartley, 2016
TammyTammy (3/2 G Major), Jonathan Jensen, 2013
To the PresenceTwelfth Night, Dave Marcus, 2012
Twenty Years After
    or Choice Callers
Maxwell's Rant, (traditional)
The Unknown BuccaneerDoctor Who Pirate Jig, Martha Stokely, 2006
The Upright ManBennett, Maro Avakian, 1999
Welcome in the MayHal-an-Tow (traditional)
Wrath of SandyWrath of Sandy, Jonathan Jensen, October 29, 2012