Jonathan and Lynn's Waltz

For Jonathan and Lynn, on their 30th anniversary
Choreography:   Sharon Green, 2020
Time signature: ¾
Tune: Lynn’s Waltz by Jonathan Jensen
Recording: Odd Sundays English Garage Band
Formation: Duple Minor Longways

A 1-2 Left file, advance.
  3-4 Left file, fall back, beckoning.
  5-8 Ones, Mirror Mad Robin, both partners starting by moving in and down, facing Partner the entire way around [Left file dancers dance clockwise; Right file dancers, counterclockwise].
  9-12 Ones, ½ figure 8 down while Twos Mirror Mad Robin, the Twos starting by moving out and up, facing Partner the entire way around.
  13-14 Ones, short lead down, lead back up to top.
  15-16 Ones cast down to 2nd place while Twos meet and lead up.
B 1-8 Ones cross diagonally up into whole figure of 8 across.
  9-10 Partners advance.
  11-12 Partners fall back.
  13-16 Ones dance right-shoulder around 1 ½ times while Twos dance right-shoulder around once.
On February 27th, 2020, Jonathan wrote asking me to write a dance to his tune Lynn’s Waltz, so that he could surprise Lynn with it at Baltimore’s April 20th dance (the night before the Jensens’ 30th anniversary). I completed a duple minor draft of the dance on March 12th, but by then everyone had already begun to shelter in place, and it was clear Jonathan and Lynn would not be holding their April 20th celebration with their Baltimore friends. So on Sunday April 19th the Odd Sundays English online dance hosted the world premiere of Jonathan and Lynn’s Waltz, a shortways dance for one or two