Marching Forth

Choreography:  Sharon Green, 2021
Time signature:4/4
Tune:Y'all March by Dave Marcus (2017) and March 4th by Dave Marcus (2018)
Recording: Y'All March
March 4th
Formation:Duple minor longways

A11-4Partners, side into line by R-shoulder and fall back
 5-8Partners, dance R-shoulders round
A21-4Partners, dance L-shoulders round
 5-8Partners, side into line by L-shoulder and fall back
B11-4Ones, with inside hands joined, lead down the middle and, changing hands, fall back, still moving down the middle
 5-8Ones lead back up to place and cast down while Twos wait (2 bars), then lead up and turn away to face out
B21-8Double figure of 8 [Ones start by crossing up, Twos by casting down the outside]