Welcome in the May

To Oak, Ash & Thorn, with thanks for years of song
Choreography:  Sharon Green, 2018
Time signature:6/8
Tune:Hal-an-Tow (traditional)
Recording:Odd Sundays Garage Band, Odd Sunday Recordings
Formation:Duple Minor Longways

A1-4All up a double & fall back [Face Partner]
 5-8All set & turn single
B1-21st Corners cross, clap
 3-42nd Corners cross, clap
 5-6Neighbors lead out, clap
 7-8Neighbors cast widely back into
 9-12R-hand star, L-hand star back
 13-16Double ½ figure 8 [Ones cross up, Twos cast widely down to start]
  End all facing up for the next round.